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Terms of use

The visitor/user of this website has to comply with the rules and laws of Greek, European and International law, as well as any other laws governing telecommunications, while he should abstain from any illegal and improper use of the content and services of this website.


Our website is neither responsible for the content and services of other websites to which it may link nor can we guarantee for their availability. Any problems that may arise while using our website are solely responsibility of the aforementioned websites. In order to facilitate your access, our website may contain links related to third party websites. However, before you use any third party sites, you will be asked to examine and agree on their terms of use. Our website has no control over the content of these third party websites and thus it cannot bare any responsibility for their content. Furthermore, the presence of a third party link does not imply any support of this party from nor does it mean that we approve its products and services..

Use of services

By submitting any content on , the user agrees that

a) this content does not contain anything  illegal or unfit for publication and that it complies with the terms of conduct listed below

b) the  user will make efforts to control and remove any viruses or any other malware, and

c) the user is the owner of the content or he has unlimited rights on  it , in order to offer it for upload or incorporation in our website , free of charge, without any accountability from our side. ,

d) the user agrees not to act against regarding the submitted content and he agrees to indemnify the owner of this website (specialgifts.grr) if any third party acts against it. The website operator can withdraw any content posted by users and does not comply with these rules at his discretion at any time.

Terms of Conduct website focuses on the inherent nature of the participatory process and aims to become a field of view of ideas.

This parameter implies certain conditions and restrictions on its editorial and structural consistency.

All parties are to respect certain rules of conduct, for example,  any uploaded text will fulfill the terms of Conduct which are defined by our website. 

Any abusive, satirical and general text which does not meet the minimum requirements such as the respect people’s  views, diversity and , generally, any text that  does not reflect our philosophy about a civilized and equal dialogue will not be posted on this website.

On the other hand, the diversity of views, perceptions and filing arguments in support of some topic consist a source of wealth.

This website and the team that has the administrative responsibilities invite all those who will participate in this form of communication and dialogue to respect these basic rules of conduct so as to respect the basic principles of dialogue and make possible the exchange of views within a framework of respect for the views and the individuals who express them.

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